How To Rake A Harley Davidson Motorcycle Neck

Only trained professionals should rake a Harley Davidson motorcycle neck. Changing or performing modifications to a motorcycle frame by an untrained professional could result in instability & wobbling, possibly causing injury or death. With that said, let’s talk about how to rake a Harley neck.

Rake A Motorcycle Neck

The first step is securing the bike on your work area so it does not move. Take time to make sure everything is perfectly level. Get something to mark where the neck will be cut. In the old days if you were raking a chopper there would be calculations for trail and a variety of other issues to consider.

Now days a lot more bikers are building custom baggers. There are also a few pro street bikes and other styles being customized. The size of the wheel and type of motorcycle will affect how to determine what angle and where to cut.

Using a hand held band saw is the easiest method to cut the Harleys neck. Start at the top and come down. You will have to finish from the bottom up with most hand held band saws. Clean around the area that was cut with a grinder so it’s ready to weld.

The Harley neck rake kit will have components to put back in place. Use your digital level to make sure everything is in the correct position before you tack it down. Use a jig to keep the neck in place as you are welding as the heat will try to cause the metal to warp.

Once the short neck is in place weld everything together. After it cools a bit you can use the grinder to clean and touch up around the neck area.

Watch the video below as Jevon at Pickard USA performs a custom bagger neck rake service for a customer on a conversion project.